10 Organization Tips You Can Use for Your Apartment

How to add color without painting

When your apartment is disorganized, your life can feel disorganized. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can get organized. Make note of the following tips that can have you organized in no time. Place a row of baskets underneath a bench. Opt for a postcard rack organizer to keep business cards, invites, photos, etc. Take snacks … [Read more...]

5 Bad Kitchen Habits You Should Kick This Year

How to Downsize Your Kitchen and Make More Room

Whether you cook on a regular basis or you only cook on the rare occasion, you don't want to practice bad kitchen habits. Make note of the following advice when it comes to cooking. Avoid using dull knives. Not only does it make cutting items more difficult, it's easier to cut yourself. Use a steel sharpener before each use and get your knives … [Read more...]

Shop for Local Food at The Pearl Street Farmers Market

Lincoln Villas on Memorial

Shopping at farmers markets is a wonderful way to support local farmers and businesses. The Tulsa Farmers Market also offers the perfect spot to purchase tasty produce, freshly baked goods, and so much more. This market takes place every Wednesday from 7:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. through October 14th. It is in the Whole Foods east parking lot, … [Read more...]

Find Your Favorite Media at Vintage Stock in Tulsa

Lincoln Villas on Memorial

Perhaps you want to purchase the latest movie or you have been looking for a rare comic book. Regardless, it's worth a trip to Vintage Stock to check out the fantastic collection of entertainment products. This store is located at 6808 South Memorial, which is just over one mile from our Lincoln Villas on Memorial apartment homes. Vintage Stock … [Read more...]

Head Downtown for a Night of Bowling at Dust Bowl Lanes

Head Downtown for a Night of Bowling at Dust Bowl Lanes

Perhaps you are looking for things to do in Downtown Tulsa that deviate from your usual activities. If that's the case, Dust Bowl Lanes is a great way to have fun, make great memories, and brush up on your bowling skills. This retro inspired bowling alley is located at 211 South Elgin Road with hours as follows: Monday through Friday from 4:00 … [Read more...]